Cloud9 partners Enghouse Interactive

Source: Cloud9 Technologies

Cloud9 Technologies ("Cloud9"), a leader in cloud-based communications, has partnered with Enghouse Interactive to integrate its Proteus Trader advanced voice trading accounting application for the institutional marketplace.

The collaboration between Cloud9 and Enghouse Interactive provides investment banks and trading firms with a more robust tool for network management and planning, private wire management, and more efficient way to monitor and minimize voice trading costs.

With many still adjusting their technology infrastructure to ensure efficiency in a remote work environment, Proteus Trader provides compliance officers and head of trading desks with the most accurate method for measuring trading voice activity. The combination of Proteus Trader with Cloud9’s purpose-built voice collaboration platform delivers an automatic feed of voice trading information and data, streamlines the compliance reporting process and delivers more efficient infrastructure management.

“As financial services increase their technology expenditures, cost control becomes paramount. The integration of Cloud9 with Enghouse’s Proteus Trader software gives customers total insight into their telephony spend, allowing them to efficiently scale their counterparty network,” said Brian Hunt, Chief Administrative Officer and Head of Partnerships at Cloud9. “Teaming up with Enghouse Interactive to incorporate Proteus Trader into our software is addressing something that has become a growing concern for trading firms.”

“Voice trading remains an integral part of the institutional trading landscape but firms need more sophisticated ways to manage their networks and infrastructure,” said Trevor Davis, Head of Product Marketing at Enghouse Interactive. “We’re excited to be working with Cloud9 to help elevate these capabilities for institutional traders.”

Proteus Trader’s inventory database is auto-populated by Cloud9 to show all private wires and their circuit data, so there is no need for manual updates, which can be prone to human error. This ensures complete visibility of private-wires and other trader voice assets by tracking them in an inventory database, allowing supplier details, renewal dates, costs and other asset data to be stored and managed in one place.  

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