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Landmark Information launches ESG management platform

Source: Landmark Information

Landmark Information has today launched its new Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) management platform - RiskHorizon - focused on delivering rich, comprehensive assessments to a broad audience of investors, property asset owners and managers, from private equity and investment houses to corporates and their lawyers.

The platform provides thorough and actionable global ESG due diligence of their corporate investments and acquisitions.

Following the acquisition of the RiskHorizon platform from Anthesis Group1, Landmark has now developed the fresh proposition; a self-service software platform with an intuitive toolkit to screen, diligence, score and manage investment performance.

It delivers valuable insights to support firms in screening future acquisitions, investments and existing assets for material sustainability, governance and social impacts, as well as supporting ongoing diligence and portfolio management.

The RiskHorizon database spans 90 industries and more than 45 ESG risks in over 175 countries, assessing datasets from a host of authoritative sources including the World Bank, Unicef, the Global Child Forum, Freedom House, and United Nations Development Programme.

At its heart, and driving its assessment of industry-level ESG risks, the platform has integrated the full breadth of the SASB (Sustainability Accounting Standards Board) Materiality MapTM to intelligently determine a wide range of relevant risks, by sector, including greenhouse gas emissions, biodiversity impacts, data security and customer privacy, diversity and inclusion, and bribery and corruption, to name a few.

Simon Boyle, Environmental Law Director of Landmark Information said, “With C-suite executives, investors, supply chain managers and risk managers increasingly required to screen against Environmental, Social and Governance criteria, RiskHorizon significantly contributes to improving the performance of companies as well as managing portfolios, irrespective of their sectors or geography.

“Traditional environmental compliance is quickly evolving into the Environmental, Social and Governance space and those that do not engage with ESG will be left behind. With RiskHorizon™, we provide the tools for risk management across law firms, private equity and corporate supply chains, enabling effective due diligence and ongoing ESG portfolio management.”

RiskHorizon - Key Features:
The RiskHorizon screening tool has been designed in collaboration with premier clients who are actively involved in ESG assessments of portfolios across multiple industry sectors and countries. It is centred on an ESG ‘management score’, includes a mapping tool to analyse spatial data and essential portfolio management tools to benchmark and record ongoing improvements.

A fully managed service is also available for customers that prefer for ESG assessments to be managed by Landmark Information’s expert in-house ESG team.

Screening tools: Compare material risk factors against countries and industries, either whilst undertaking a company assessment, or separately using the screening tool tab on the dashboard. Identify details of initial risks before completing the full company assessment, which is then available as a downloadable report.

ESG Risk Score: Via the screening tool, firms can quickly access a checklist of key ESG questions to help determine an initial ESG Risk Score. Companies can be benchmarked at pre-acquisition phase and then reassessed at exit to show improvements in score.

Expansive Data: RiskHorizon leverages Landmark’s global ESG database, which spans data points from over 175 countries, 90 industries and covering 45+ global risks. This includes assessing more than 50 datasets, including Air Quality, Anti-Bribery, Ecological Impacts, Child Labour, Civil Liberties, Physical Impacts of Climate Change, Data Privacy and Waste Management.

Dashboard: The RiskHorizon dashboard provides an initial overview of all company assessments completed, enabling users to quickly see how many countries and industries they span.

Efficient Access to Metrics: Company assessments can include more than 20 locations in one single report, meaning risks can be immediately assessed across multiple countries, rather than running numerous individual assessments.

Management Questions: It includes the ability to add custom questions or highlight management questions as a priority, if further research is required on policy or risk factors. By highlighting questions in the report, readers can clearly see what next steps are needed, to determine if risks are being managed appropriately.

Portfolio Manager: Surface key issues within a portfolio using RiskHorizon’s Portfolio Manager - companies can be organised by fund, risk factors, ESG score or documents from the checklist. The information can then be exported to alternative formats, including Microsoft Excel. 

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