Garanti BBVA adds PFM features to mobile app

Source: Garanti BBVA

Smart transactions allow Garanti BBVA customers and clients to streamline their daily banking activities and keep their personal finances under control using the bank’s mobile app.

Garanti BBVA has rolled out a new set of features on its mobile banking app, to help users save based on how much they spend, invest in gold, set up automatic transfers to a term deposit and pay bills.

The cost saving feature allows users to save every month a specific percentage on their credit card spending. Thus, customers using credit cards to pay for their purchases who’re also interested in saving can easily balance their spending and budgets, and get the most out of their savings with daily interest rates.
With the gold investment function, customers can save every month by devoting a specific amount from their bank account or credit card to buy gold in different formats: a quarter of a gold coin, half a gold coin or a full gold coin.
Periodic transfers allow setting up automatic transfers without having to keep track of maturity dates of the term deposits.
Finally, with the invoice payment function, customers can easily manage the payment of recurring invoices by setting up automatic payment orders.

Garanti BBVA executive vice president Işıl Akdemir Evlioğlu, explained that Garanti BBVA Mobile’s smart transactions are intended to “make our customers’ lives much easier, allowing them to manage day to day banking transactions in a quick and simple manner. We know that financial transactions are essential, but that doesn’t mean they need to be complicated. Our cost saving, gold investment, automatic transfer and invoice payment functionalities have attracted a lot of interest from our customers and are becoming very popular.” For this reason, the bank intends to “keep rolling out new functionalities that help our customers to manage their finances more conveniently,” she concluded.

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