Seqvoia ships new data management and workflow tool


SEQVOIA is delighted to announce the launch of a new Data and Workflow management platform, Summit, to allow asset managers, banks and insurers to manage their data sources and workflows in a flexible and transparent manner.

Data is the key challenge in the Financial Industry today. Yet, a large majority of companies still hold data in silos and continue to miss out on the potential of digitalization.

Over the last 18 months, SEQVOIA built an innovative platform to significantly enhance the use of data in the financial industry. The development of Summit was heavily influenced by semantics. In that sense financial institutions using the product will be able to give their data meaning and context and hence turn data into a real asset.

“Our vision is to provide truly disruptive technology for the financial industry. Digitalization requires an understanding of what the data means and in which context it is used” underlines Nicolas Buck CEO of SEQVOIA. “Summit allows clients to achieve that objective and start their journey to digitizing all their processes inside their organization and with other counterparties. Incurred benefits will be faster to the go-to market and reduction in cost and risks of data inconsistencies”.

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