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ABN Amro to give clients insights on sustainability of investment portfolios

Source: ABN Amro

ABN AMRO is to regularly give clients who use its investment advice and asset management services in-depth insight into the sustainability impact of their investments.

This will be the next step on the road towards increasingly sustainable investing, the direction taken by the bank several years ago. Clients in these groups will receive reports every quarter on the non-financial impact of their investment portfolios.

From now on, ABN AMRO will present information at portfolio level about the sustainability impact of clients’ investments every quarter in the form of non-financial reporting (NFR). Alen Zeljkovic, Chief Commercial Officer at ABN AMRO Private Banking: “The step ABN AMRO is taking is in keeping with the bank’s leading role in the field of sustainability. These reports will give clients insight into the sustainability impact their investments are having. This will increase the awareness of both clients and advisors, further informing the discussions they have together. So the bank and investors will be working together to create a better world, now and for generations to come.”
Personal and specific insight into actual impact

The sustainability of investments has become increasingly important for ABN AMRO and for its clients in recent years. “As well as financial return, clients want their investments to make a positive contribution to society. ABN AMRO is responding to that need, especially as it is aligned with the bank-wide strategy of accelerating the transition to sustainability. These reports are a very personal, specific way of putting that into practice, so that in this rapidly changing landscape clients have a clear picture of the actual impact of their investment portfolios,” says Zeljkovic.
Content of non-financial reports

The non-financial reports produced by ABN AMRO will include information on each investment portfolio’s environmental, social and governance risk, as well as on the contribution made by the investments to achieving the Paris Agreement’s 2-degree goals. Progress against the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals will also be tracked, and every quarter ABN AMRO will spotlight a development goal such as responsible consumption and production to give clients a better understanding of how their portfolio is contributing to that goal.

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