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ANZ New Zealand goes agile with Red Hat

Source: Red Hat

Red Hat, Inc., the world's leading provider of open source solutions, today announced that ANZ New Zealand, the country's largest financial services group, worked with Red Hat to increase productivity and time to market through the adoption of agile practices and automation.

Through a residency with Red Hat Open Innovation Labs and use of Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform, ANZ New Zealand reduced the time required for end-to-end DNS provisioning from six days to five minutes, a time savings of 99.4%.

Faced with time-consuming routine and repeatable network operations tasks, ANZ New Zealand decided to transition to a cloud-first approach focused on automation and site reliability engineering. However, many of these IT business processes, including patching and provisioning servers, require a manual governance process around technical work. Automating these tasks can depend entirely on the adoption of new technology tools, IT processes and behavioral changes, which can be difficult to accomplish. Additionally, ANZ New Zealand sought to develop and establish a culture of new ways of collaborative working in order to support its commitment to talent acquisition and retention.

To help address its transition to a more agile, cloud-first strategy, ANZ New Zealand turned to Red Hat, specifically Red Hat Open Innovation Labs. The immersive residency program aims to help organizations integrate people, practices and technology to increase agility in the development of software and products, catalyze innovation and solve internal challenges in an accelerated time frame. During the six-week engagement, ANZ New Zealand’s teams gained a new understanding of how modern automation technologies like Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform can transform complex IT landscapes. They also became well-versed in agile development practices, including continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD), culminating in the team finding new ways to connect with other corporate groups for more effective work, establishing a new culture of collaboration and community.

As a result, ANZ New Zealand built automation skills through expert-led training on network automation and agile development approaches. The skills and tools gained from the Red Hat Open Innovation Labs engagement have enabled the project team to expand the use of Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform and their newfound practices across the wider organization and business units. In addition, since completing the residency, engineers at ANZ New Zealand have been using Red Hat Learning Subscription to continue to grow their skill sets.

Supporting Quotes
Sajeeve Bahl, vice president and head of services for Asia Pacific and Japan, Red Hat
"Through their engagement with Red Hat Open Innovation Labs, ANZ New Zealand truly embraced the open source way of working - learning invaluable tools and processes to help expand the bank's collaborative way of working. Through the focus on automating repeatable tasks, ANZ New Zealand is making tangible, important changes not only to how it uses technology, but to the culture of working. We are excited to see what ANZ New Zealand does next."

Neal Meachen, senior manager, Networks and Voice, ANZ New Zealand
"As with all areas of banking, we need to work faster in order to provide a better service for our customers. Red Hat has helped us to develop an ‘automation-first’ mindset, and as a result, automate many processes that have traditionally been manual and time-consuming. We have worked with Red Hat Open Innovation Labs to make our non-IT processes, including how we connect and collaborate with our business groups, more efficient and productive by leveraging modern agile methodologies and new ways of working."

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