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Play2Pay expands gamified bill payments

Source: Play2Pay

Play2Pay, Inc., a global payments platform formerly known as Adfone, Inc. (Adfone), announces a new way to pay bills by gamifying payments.

The platform enables mobile phone users to pay their service provider bills by playing games, watching videos and completing special offers on their devices. Play2Pay™ currently has a reach of 45M mobile phone users exclusively under contract with service providers, with negotiations currently taking place for a further 300M mobile users worldwide.

In Q2 2020*, mobile game downloads increased globally by over 40% from the same time last year. Play2Pay’s timely expansion into the alternative payments space combines gamification and mobile monetization to facilitate bill payments. Mobile phone users opt-in to discover new apps and brands playing games resulting in a fun and rewarding alternative for making payments.

“Play2Pay’s platform was initially created to address a need for telecom providers and advertisers. However, as we evolved we learned that we have been operating and scaling a lucrative alternative payments platform that has a much broader reach and applicability in the marketplace, including service providers such as utility, cable and internet,” said Brian Boroff, Founder and CEO of Play2Pay™, formerly known as Adfone.

Play2Pay’s platform is a fully configurable white label engine, preloaded by service providers and available via Google Play Store. Consumers discover new apps and brands, earning points the more they engage, and converting time spent into making payments. Brands enjoy the platform’s direct connection to customers via mobile and in apps, while service providers enjoy new revenue streams while increasing customer engagement and creating a competitive advantage.

“It's rare to find such a diverse yet engaged and motivated audience as the Play2Pay™ user base. Our clients, some of the world's largest brands and most innovative research companies, value this tremendously,” said Aaron Platshon, CEO & Co-founder of TapResearch, a mobile app monetization technology company. 

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