Rolfe & Nolan in Quick Screen distribution deal with Computer Voice Systems

Source: Rolfe & Nolan

Rolfe & Nolan Systems Inc. today announced a distribution agreement with Computer Voice Systems, Inc. (CVS) for its Quick Screen Trading (QST) product, a futures trading application that combines order entry and management with charting, analytics, real-time quotes and news.

The combination of the QST front end and RANorder routing provide a unique, cross-functional solution to individual end-users, brokers, CTAs, order desks, and risk managers. QST is a comprehensive order entry / management tool featuring world-class charting and analytics, real-time quotes and news. It features the ability to enter and manage orders and fills from virtually any screen, integrated paper trading, as well as a real-time profit and loss calculation engine. QST also offers a comprehensive customer self-help system designed to reduce the impact on a user firm’s help desk.

"We are well aware of market and client demand for a state-of-the-art, multi-faceted order management product, and are confident that this move could greatly enhance our position," said Mark Bohannon, Vice President of Rolfe & Nolan Systems, Inc. "In addition to being fast, flexible, and world-class, the QST offering is fully interfaced to our RANorder API, allowing our users to take full advantage of the Rolfe & Nolan infrastructure, credit controls, and routing."

"We are pleased to see our product more widely distributed through an established global solution provider like Rolfe & Nolan," said Paul Sturm, president of Computer Voice Systems, Inc. "Our sophisticated yet simple, multi-faceted user interface backed by Rolfe & Nolan’s strong industry position will result in a compelling order management solution."

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