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SIX completes 'ATMfutura' migration

Source: SIX

SIX completed the “ATMfutura” migration at the end of last week.

This means that, under the leadership of SIX, all banks have equipped their Bancomats with uniform software. Banks can therefore benefit from simplified, automated handling and outsource this to SIX if required. End consumers can now also enjoy an extended range of functions at Bancomats of third-party banks. Additionally, they have new options at their disposal, such as withdrawing money with their smartphone.
SIX Now Operates Platform for All Swiss Bancomats

With the uniform software, SIX ensures that all Bancomats in Switzerland have the same user interface and user guidance. This simplifies use considerably, and all users can rely on the full range of functions and the same processes at any Bancomat, regardless of the operator of the machine. New functions are now also available for all Bancomats and can be activated by the banks. These include withdrawals and deposits at Bancomats using a QR code, for example with a smartphone. Other functions include free account selection for cash withdrawals, a more individual choice of banknotes issued, and an audio function for the visually impaired. This function is already in operation at around half of all Bancomats in Switzerland.

Following the software change, SIX now processes all transactions and entries at Bancomats from both the bank’s own customers and third-party customers. SIX thus relieves banks of the burden of monitoring and managing their Bancomats. Thanks to the central monitoring solution, the conditions are in place for SIX to take over further Bancomat operating processes. The corresponding monitoring system from SIX can be used as a software solution by the banks themselves. However, some banks have already outsourced the entire monitoring of their Bancomats to the SIX team of experts. SIX is currently working with various banks on additional solutions, for example for security management, cash management and services such as the installation and maintenance of Bancomats.

Marco Menotti, Head Banking Services and member of Executive Board, SIX, highlights: “We are driving transformation forward in the financial industry. Before SIX started the project, more than 25 different software solutions were in use in Swiss Bancomats. Thanks to the uniform software, end customers can now benefit from many innovations across all banks. They can now also use their smartphones to withdraw cash from Bancomats at several big banks and cantonal banks. The function is being activated on more and more Bancomats on an ongoing basis.”

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