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Malaysia's BigPay expands to Singapore

Source: BigPay

BigPay is coming to Singapore, after 2 years of rapid growth with over 1 million users in Malaysia.

The fast-growing Fintech is on an aggressive growth path and is getting ready to make its mobile money app and prepaid Visa card available to all Singapore residents in the coming weeks.

“We quietly opened up our waiting list on the app earlier this year and already have 20,000 people ready to get early access” said Christopher Davison, Co-Founder and CEO. “People are turning to digital financial services and the pandemic has accelerated the need for fair and transparent alternatives to traditional banking - which is exactly what BigPay stands for.”

Launched in 2018, BigPay has grown to be one of the largest e-money issuers in Malaysia by gross transaction value. The company’s business was unscathed by the global pandemic, showing strong growth in international money transfers and online spending thanks to the worldwide acceptance of its card. BigPay has received its licence from the Monetary Authority of Singapore to operate in Singapore early this year.

BigPay will make its two core features - payments and remittance - available in Singapore. Users will be able to seamlessly open an account from their mobile phones and make payments at any local or international merchant. They will also be able to make free and instant money transfers to friends, split bills, manage work expenses and track their spending all in one integrated app.

In addition, Singapore users will be able to remit money quickly and at a competitive rate to 10 markets, namely: Malaysia, China, the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, India, Bangladesh, Nepal and Australia, with more to come.

Operating on a challenger bank model, BigPay’s goal is to give consumers access to all the mainstream financial products typically offered by retail banks - at a much lower cost and with greater efficiency. BigPay also plans to launch new business lines such as loans, insurance and wealth management in the coming months, as well as expand to other Southeast Asian markets early in 2021.

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