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Cardpay becomes first direct member of Russia's payment system

Source: Cardpay

On 24th of September the first pilot transactions with “Mir” cards were conducted with the usage of the Mir Accept 2.0 security protocol.

Cardpay aims to roll out “Mir” card acceptance in e-commerce on all 4 continents by the end of 2020.

Cardpay, the award-winning global payments acquirer, has become the first direct member of Russia’s payment system “Mir” in Asia, Latin America, Europe and Northern America.

”Mir”, one of the youngest and fastest-growing payment systems, was launched five years ago. In this period the acceptance of “Mir” cards was achieved all around Russia, as well as in 8 foreign countries.

This collaboration will enable the acceptance of “Mir” cards in e-commerce for Cardpay clients worldwide, allowing them to offer a higher level of service for their customers and giving them the opportunity to explore the potential of the Russian market. It will also provide Mir cardholders with the opportunity to shop with millions of online international merchants.

““This partnership will allow us to open new doors for our merchants and continue aiding them in their ambition to go global. We are on a mission to enable fast, convenient and secure payments for businesses worldwide and partnering with “Mir” has taken us one step closer to our goal.” - commented Cardpay’s head of e-commerce & card operations Vitalii Merkulov.

Cardpay is a fast-growing payments acquirer with over 10 years of experience in payments and e-commerce. Our global to local approach allows businesses to accept payments from all over the world, giving customers the ability to accept payments from over 500 different payment methods.

“Mir” is the national payment system of the Russian Federation with 275 participating banks and 154 issuer banks. “Mir” cards are accepted in 8 counties (excluding Russia) – in Turkey, Armenia, Kyrgyz Republic, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Vietnam, etc.  

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