Paymetric teams with CyberSource

Source: Paymetric

Paymetric, Inc., the leading provider of ERP-integrated payment card solutions, has formed a strategic alliance with CyberSource Corporation (NASDAQ:CYBS), a leading provider of electronic payment and risk management solutions.

The alliance delivers significant benefits for Paymetric customers searching for an Internet-based payment gateway and/or card processor and for CyberSource customers needing an ERP-integrated card processing solution.

The partnership further extends Paymetric's leadership in solving global, complex business problems. Paymetric's XiPay(TM) Solution Suite delivers proven, world-class ERP-integrated card acceptance for the Global 1000. XiPay boasts relationships and enabling technologies with multiple domestic and international card processors. XiPay's CyberSource Cartridge will support multi-currency processing, alternative payment methods, and enhanced data/line item capabilities. Paymetric and CyberSource users will gain:
  • Increased cost savings - realized through streamlined card acceptance and world-class integration across the ERP, web stores and legacy systems
  • Improved risk management - delivered by XiPay's advanced data model, which extends financial control and supports corporate compliance initiatives
  • Expanded revenue opportunities - obtained through an expanded geographic and customer acquisition channel that includes international markets and currencies
  • Increased customer satisfaction and profitability - achieved by providing valuable Level II and Level III line item data to buyers

    "We are delighted to elevate our longstanding relationship with CyberSource to give our joint customers unparalleled service and support for their enterprise payment card integration needs," said Kathleen Nugent, Vice President of Business Development for Paymetric. "Our experience in integrating payment cards within large, complex enterprises, combined with our delivery of value-add products and services to a growing client base, enables us to successfully address the integration requirements of CyberSource's premier customers."
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