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ATMIA publishes global best practices for cash machine hygiene

Source: ATMIA

ATMIA, the only global not-for-profit trade association for the ATM industry, published global best practices for a new ATM hygiene for the pandemic and post-pandemic “new normal” society.

It highlights available technologies, such as UVC scans for ATM fascias, as well as best practices for minimizing the risk of transmission of viruses and bacteria, such as social distancing at ATM queues and quarantines of cash before loading into ATM cassettes. In addition, the global industry guidelines outline technology care best practices.

As part of the new recommended regime for providing an additional comfort level for ATM customers and users while transacting at ATMs, the ATM Industry Association, through its ATM Hygiene and Safety Committee, has developed an industry response plan for any future pandemics, including setting up a Crisis Response Center with a data collection system for monitoring of impacts of any crisis impacting on ATM businesses in future, including how members across the world are responding to the new threat.

“We have learnt a lot as an industry from the COVID-19 health emergency, following our international member survey, and after consulting with health experts, including at the Harvard Medical School, and we’ve come together to reinforce hygiene best practices and technologies at ATMs to ensure we meet the challenge of the new normal, where people of all different cultures are naturally much more hygiene-conscious,” Mike Lee, CEO of ATMIA, commented. “We’re determined to give ATM customers that added comfort level when transacting at ATMs both now at during any future epidemic or environmental emergency.”

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