ASX DataSphere opens to third parties

Source: ASX

ASX’s data science platform, ASX DataSphere, is now open for third parties looking to partner with ASX to help solve their data challenges.

David Raper, ASX’s Executive General Manager Trading Services, said that the platform has significantly expanded its ASX datasets since launching last year, and now includes datasets from third parties.

“We are in positive discussions with a growing community of data partners and a number of local and global data generators,” Mr Raper said.

“We’re opening up new and unique datasets. Our growing catalogue of ASX and non-ASX datasets span fixed income, interest rate, derivatives, equities, and benchmarks. We’re already working with customers to build data products within the fixed income space. We’re also making historical versions of ASX’s market data and ReferencePoint products available.”

ASX DataSphere can be used by customers to get more value from their own data:

Data-as-a-service - data can be organised and governed for personal use, or for analytics alongside other data in a DataSphere workspace.
Data commercialisation - optimise data for sale or rent through DataSphere, or license it for use on products built in DataSphere, then share in the value it generates.
Data collaboration - enhance data value by pooling it with datasets from ASX and others, for deeper insights and richer products.

The platform offers partners a choice of two workspaces. Both provide a secure, scalable platform for data exploration and product development, as well as analytical tools and curated datasets based on each customer’s requirements.

Business workspaces are designed for business users and provide the ability for users to analyse datasets through visualisations and spreadsheets. Private data can also be loaded.

Data science workspaces are designed for data scientists and developers. They provide users the ability to access popular analytical tools and programming languages, and enable users to collaborate on product development.

“The platform has been developed to be flexible and customer-centric, whilst adhering to industry leading data governance and security standards,” Mr Raper said.

“Workspaces, web-hosted dashboards and APIs can be accessed securely through the internet. This means that there are no complex integration requirements to use the platform.

“ASX selected market-leading partners including TIBCO, Cloudera, Talend and Virtustream, to bring together the infrastructure, data governance and distribution to offer a robust system using the best in class technology.

“ASX DataSphere has been developed to both power and empower customers. It does this through scalable analytics solutions that solve risk, compliance, operational efficiency and competitive advantage challenges, to provide a path to collaboration and commercialisation for partners. This also supports the digital transformation of the industry.”

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