Boundary Waters Bank deploys Sig-Tec's biometric software for network access

Source: Sig-Tec

Sig-Tec Corporation, a leading developer, provider and integrator of enterprise security software solutions, announced the deployment of a biometric security software solution at Boundary Waters Bank, a 100+ million-dollar financial institution with multiple branches in Minnesota.

Boundary Waters Bank has selected Sig-Tec's SPD PRO software, an enterprise security solution and audit software, combined with an APC biometric fingerprint reader, to strengthen the security of its computer systems. By incorporating this leading technology into its security infrastructure, Boundary Waters Bank is demonstrating that it places high importance on the responsibility of information security.

"In the banking industry, security is clearly the first priority, and biometrics is a critical component of our network security plan," said Boundary Waters Bank Chief Information Officer David Pettit. "Sig-Tec's enterprise solution provided us with security software that was easy to implement and simple to integrate across our existing, complex IT infrastructure. This solution will enable us to authenticate the identity of our employees at all our locations using fingerprint data, thereby improving the overall security of our network systems and eliminating the costly overhead of password management."

"Our desire to be an innovator places us on the leading edge of community banks. By integrating our policies and procedures with Sig-Tec's security solution, we have elevated our level of protection to fight information and identity theft as well as other forms of high-tech crime," said Mr. Dale Smith, Chief Executive Officer, Boundary Waters Banks.

"Security is undeniably the most serious challenge facing all financial institutions today," said Thomas Hoghaug, Sig-Tec's Chief Executive Officer. "Sig-Tec's expertise and success implementing biometric security solutions are ideally suited to protect the sensitive data found in financial environments, which is reflected by our continued success in the banking and financial services market."

Robert Hoghaug, VP and CTO, states that "Sig-Tec's proprietary and full- replacement GINA, versus the commonly implemented pass-through GINA, is the engine that provides our clients with a solution for strong authentication, true multifactor authentication or any combination of multifactor authentication for the user. In the banking industry, with its stringent regulations and security requirements, a full-replacement GINA is the only choice to ensure that client information is secure."

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