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Ikano Bank appoints Jaywing to overhaul credit decisioning architecture

Source: Jaywing

Ikano Bank has appointed Jaywing to review its new credit decisioning architecture to support its ongoing growth, which will enable it to launch new products across multiple territories.

Through this engagement, Ikano Bank’s internal team will benefit from Jaywing’s impartial guidance and years of risk expertise to validate its choice of systems, software tools and data provision, as well as identify areas where it can achieve best practice.

Now more than ever, lenders need strategic insight from a risk management perspective. This requires having a consistent and up-to-date overview of the current landscape of products, processes, applications, and infrastructure.

This understanding also helps to assess the effects of business decisions. And provides the business with clear insight into the enterprise risks related to, for example, introducing new products and initiatives, outsourcing business processes or IT systems, or assimilating another organisation after a merger.

Working alongside Ikano Bank's product, risk, data and architecture teams, Jaywing was able to evaluate the new architecture, comparing the lender’s proposed approach with industry best practice in areas such as data management, decision capability and flexibility, the use of bureau data and the best approach to scoring. The result was a comprehensive set of recommendations which will form the basis of Ikano Bank’s roadmap for the next stage of their development. Through interviewing employees, Jaywing unearthed the lender’s goals and ambitions and their views on the opportunities and limitations offered by existing architecture.

This new framework enables Ikano Bank to launch new products at speed, to be more efficient at delivery and to better compete in an increasingly complex global marketplace.

Jamie Spiller, Global Product Manager - Onboarding, Ikano Bank said: “We chose Jaywing because of their independence and their impartial guidance regarding platforms, systems and bureaux. This combined with their years of knowledge and expertise in product and data management means they were best placed to give a holistic view and advise on all aspects of the credit decisioning architecture we needed to launch several new products”.

Ben O Brien, Managing Director at Jaywing said: “We are proud to be working with Ikano Bank and their fantastic analytics team to deliver best practice credit decisioning architecture, enabling them to meet their current goals but also long-term growth strategies. We work closely with internal teams to help solve complex challenges bespoke to their organisation, leaning on our two decades of client experience. Our proven methodology has seen us deliver results for our clients over the years, leading to a reputation for delivery excellence that we are extremely proud of.”

Jaywing has over 20 years’ experience in credit risk analytics, helping lenders such as Nationwide, RBS and Coventry Building Society with scoring and modelling, IFRS 9, IRB, stress testing, ICAAP and credit grading requirements. Jaywing has helped over 30 lenders with IFRS 9 projects, including Hampshire Trust Bank, The Coventry Building Society, The Nottingham, Shawbrook Bank, The West Brom and Everyday Loans.

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