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Aliter Capital invests in Temple Grange Partners

Source: Aliter

Temple Grange Partners (“TGP”) announced today that Aliter Capital has completed its investment in TGP.

In addition to supporting the continuing growth of TGP’s consultancy practice, this investment will support TGP’s creation of differentiated eLearning content, with TGP working in close partnership with Aliter’s existing portfolio companies Sponge and Bolt Learning.

Eoin O’Shea, TGP CEO said: “We have been very impressed from the start with Aliter’s long-term investment strategy. In addition to helping to grow and expand our consultancy and advisory capabilities - including our leading compliance and financial crime practice - this investment will support our unique Learning & Development offering.

Commenting on the changing environment, Eoin O’Shea added: “2020 has been a transformational year for all of us, changing “where we work”, “how we work” - and “how we learn”. We are living through a digital learning revolution.

These changes are driving the need for innovative on-demand learning. Our clients want interactive content, firmly grounded in real world experience. And technology that can deliver powerful analytics and reporting.

We are very excited about the opportunity to partner with Sponge and Bolt Learning to deliver on these expectations. We want to make the science of learning a game changer for our clients.”

Billy Allan, Managing Partner of Aliter said: “TGP’s reputation for delivering practitioner expertise and innovation is well established, and its offering now includes advanced Learning & Development solutions that address critical regulatory risk and compliance training requirements for the industry. We are delighted to complete this transaction with TGP and we look forward to supporting its on-going growth”

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