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Home Credit Bank improves the quality of banking cards and QR-codes recognition with Smart Engines

Source: Smart Engines

Home Credit Bank integrates banking cards recognition technology by Smart Engines into its mobile bank application in order to simplify banking cards data input and streamline card-to-card transfers or account replenishment for clients.

Now clients only have to show the card to a camera of their mobile devices to enter a banking card number needed for mobile bank operations. Smart IDReader technology by Smart Engines provides a state-of-the-art recognition for banking cards of any types: embossed or flat, with standard horizontal or off-standard vertical ID data alignment, cards with lettering on averse or reverse side of the card. Smart IDReader supports recognition of cards with any background images or natural wear.

The advantage of Smart Engines technology for Bank’s clients will be an unrestricted use of mobile bank application in real-life conditions such as under different lighting, on the go, in a taxi ride or on a train.. Card recognition is done almost instantly and does not require special adjustment to the camera or certain lighting conditions.

“”Last year Home Credit Bank took the top position in the Digital Office category of Markswebb rating. We intend to keep this position further on so we are constantly developing our mobile application enhancing it with the best technological solutions such as ones by Smart Engines. It is important to provide clients with ready-to-use solutions in any situation. Integration with Smart IDReader gives our clients the simplest and fastest card recognition process””, - speaks Beatris Felises, head of product development at Home Credit Bank.

“Banking cards become more diversified hence their graphic codes are more densely packed with information. It requires more sophistication and flexibility from recognition technologies. We are providing the clients of Home Credit Banks with the latest scientific achievements applied to banking cards and barcodes recognition””, — comments Vladimir Arlazarov, PhD, CEO of Smart Engines

Currently, a new function of banking cards recognition has been implemented in ‘“”Home Credit” mobile application for iOS platform and soon it will be available for Android users. Next stage will be the introduction of the Smart Engines technology for barcode recognition which is used to scan QR-codes in instant payments and for standard receipt settlements

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