Aleri Labs introduces streaming data platform

Source: Aleri Labs

Aleri Labs, a provider of innovative stream processing technology for the financial services industry, today announced the general availability of the Aleri Streaming Platform.

Aleri Labs is providing development licenses free of charge, with fees only required upon deployment of operational systems. In addition, Aleri Labs is offering prospects access to the deep application development expertise at Aleri, its parent organization, to jointly build proofs of concepts.

Unique among the rapidly growing number of event processing and streaming data solutions in the market today, the Aleri Streaming Platform is the first to offer both high volume, real-time data capture and event detection, as well as the data aggregation, transformation and analysis needs required by today's financial institutions.

"While some of the new stream processing products can deliver real-time performance to support elements of the trading department, they fall short in areas that require sophisticated data aggregation or persistence capabilities for such critical processes as compliance and risk management," said Don DeLoach, CEO of Aleri Labs.

According to Sang Lee, managing partner at Aite Group, changing business demands and escalating regulatory challenges associated with low latency trading have catapulted stream processing technology into the spotlight.

"We expect to see continued adoption of stream processing within the securities industry as firms move beyond low latency trading and focus on other vital aspects of the business, such as risk management, compliance analysis and liquidity management," said Lee.

With the Aleri Streaming Platform, financial institutions have a single solution to easily build streaming applications that combine disparate real-time and static data, apply complex logic and then publish and store the results for later reference, all with nearly zero latency.

Sell-side institutions can use the Aleri Streaming Platform to build applications for algorithmic trading, compliance and risk management, and also to offer value-added services to buy-side customers, such as transaction cost analysis and complex product pricing and analysis. The platform will also appeal to buy-side firms that wish to build their own applications for algorithmic trading and for the aforementioned pricing and analysis capabilities.

Technical Specifications

"The Aleri Streaming Platform vastly simplifies streaming application development, with the ease-of-use of relational databases and the high-throughput, real-time performance characteristics needed in today's leading financial institutions," added DeLoach.

The Aleri Streaming Platform is built on technologies and languages familiar to most of today's IT staffs. It offers native support for XML and delimited text, a range of adapters for common applications and messaging environments including SQL, JDBC, ODBC, TIBCO, MQ and Reuters, and the ability to build custom adapters as needed. Processing logic is defined using SQL, XML or the Aleri Studio, a visual authoring environment. Proprietary C++ functions can be included in the inline stream processing logic. Additionally, all data can be queried on-demand via SQL, JDBC and ODBC interfaces.

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