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Tinkoff voice assistant Oleg gets new features

Source: Tinkoff

Oleg, the world's first voice assistant for financial and lifestyle services, has acquired a number of new skills that will facilitate Tinkoff customers’ payments and make sure they get their value for money.

From now on, Oleg will help customers in the Tinkoff SuperApp to set their spending limits, make recurring payments on time and pay their credit card bills.

Saving skills
Oleg the voice assistant will enable users to limit their unplanned spending. Upon command "Oleg, let's save” in the Tinkoff mobile app chat, the assistant will set daily, weekly or monthly spending limits of the customer’s choice, and will see to it that the user does not go beyond such limits. Oleg will warn customers if they are nearing the spending limit, and will remind them to stick to their decision to spend less in a given week or month. At any time, the voice assistant can specify the unspent balance left within the limit. At the end of the day, week or month, Oleg will report whether you have managed to stay on budget.

Recurring payment reminders
Oleg will also remind customers about making their recurring payments on time. In the Tinkoff ecosystem some payments are automated (e.g. taxes, utility bills, traffic fines) while some are made manually, such as monthly apartment rent charge or private tutor fees. If such transactions happen regularly (for example, once a month), Oleg will notice it and next time will send a push reminder in advance. Not only will he remind you about the payment but will also help you make it immediately.

Credit card payments

Another skill that Oleg has gained recently is fast credit card payments. Upon command "Oleg, check my credit card", the voice assistant will show the minimum card payment, the grace period payment and the total debt amount. To pay, you do not even need to leave the chat with Oleg - you can just tell him the desired amount, choose a payment account and confirm the transaction.

Oleg's other skills

Since its launch in June 2019, voice assistant Oleg has learned to handle various operations that facilitate the Tinkoff ecosystem customers' daily routines. Now Oleg is able to:
• make money transfers;
• pay mobile phone bills;
• show the customer's income and expenses;
• consult on banking matters;
• pay credit card bills;
• register insurance claims for holders of CMTPL and MHI policies of Tinkoff Insurance;
• request and e-mail documents - for example, bank statements for visa applications;
• update personal information in the Tinkoff ecosystem;
• just converse on various topics and give original finance advice.

For Tinkoff Mobile subscribers Oleg is a personal voice concierge answering incoming calls, talking and joking with people on the other end, recording and converting audio messages to text using speech-to-text technologies.

In the future, Oleg will be even more capable: he will update you on major financial news and prices of securities, remind you about important payments, help you maintain your budget - he will tell you how much spare cash you have and what big-ticket purchases you can plan next. Oleg will also be able to arrange a trip, select and pay for hotels, make flight and rail bookings, manage reservations, buy tickets to theatres, concerts and sporting events, make an appointment with a doctor, offer leisur
e options for the evening, give investment tips in the Tinkoff Investments app, etc.
In addition, Oleg will be able to recognise customers’ voice using Tinkoff's proprietary biometric technology and fulfil their voice commands that require authorisation in the mobile app - for example, to make a money transfer while driving a car.

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