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Siemens to co-operate with Raisin on pensions

Source: Raisin

Siemens is cooperating with German fintech Raisin on employee pensions. There has long been a political desire in Germany to provide German residents with an accurate overview of their retirement financing, in order to identify the deficiency in people’s pension in a timely fashion.

The pension specialist fairr, part of Berlin-based Raisin, developed a digital “retirement cockpit” along these lines, enabling users to easily track their retirement funds and plan accordingly. Now German manufacturing giant Siemens’ pensions company, Siemens Fonds Invest GmbH, is offering Siemens employees the opportunity to use the fairr cockpit to optimize their retirement planning.

Calculating an individual’s expected retirement funds - and how much more they’ll need to maintain their standard of living

With the Raisin fairr “retirement cockpit,” a user can see their private, statutory and, if applicable, company pension benefits clearly laid out and automatically extrapolated through to their retirement age. The user can then observe at a glance how far their final pension sum deviates from their desired standard of living in retirement - their “pension gap.” This overview is the first step to securing the user’s third phase of life, their retirement. The cockpit’s calculations can then form the basis for an ongoing structuring of the individual’s retirement savings mix.

In addition to private and statutory retirement, occupational insurance funded by employers also plays an important role and can help close the pension gap. To meet their retirement goals, many Germans go further, however, with additional private provisions. The pension cockpit supports the whole scope of this planning by allowing users to optimize their pension plan online and provides access to Raisin’s own range of private and state-subsidised investment products.

Siemens provides automated fairr cockpit with custom portfolio options for employees

To this end, Raisin has integrated a range of specific pension components in a customized corporate solution for Siemens Fonds Invest. The solution comprises the state-subsidised Rürup pension plan as well as individual and flexible investment savings plans with Siemens investment funds, which can be adjusted to the individual’s preferred risk level. Siemens Fonds Invest put together a set of sample portfolios for the Raisin pension cockpit, based on its own tried and tested strategies. Investors (e.g. Siemens employees) can thus benefit from the many years of expertise in pension products - in some cases, multiple award-winning products, depending on the selected portfolio. The portfolios feature low running costs from just 0.66 percent per year (of which 0.46 percent is for the fund portfolio and 0.20 percent for the fund savings plan) on the assets under management.

Dr. Alexander Kihm, Head of Pension Products at Raisin, describes the benefits of the partnership for Siemens Fonds Invest customers: “More and more companies consider good retirement provision for employees relevant. The collaboration with Siemens shows how financial market innovations developed by startups can be useful as much for large industrial concerns as for their employees. In addition to statutory and company pension schemes, private pensions are becoming increasingly important. At fairr by raisin we’ve developed easy-to-understand, easy-to-use solutions that are also very cost-effective. We believe this is the only way to create a realistic yield perspective that provides a well-earned retirement free of worry. We’re pleased that Siemens is joining us on this path.”

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