Stib switches on contactless payments for Brussels transit network

Source: Stib

You can pay contactless on the whole STIB-MIVB network as from July 1st.

This means you can directly validate your trip using your debit card, credit cart, smartphone or smartwatch. Quick, safe and easy!

What is contactless payment?

You can find a contactless payment validating machine in every STIB-MIVB metro station, tram and bus. It is a specific device for contactless payment only, in addition to the usual red MOBIB validating machines. You can use any bank card featuring the contactless logo that you have previously used for contactless payment. If you use a smartphone or smartwatch, you can use the Google Pay, Apple Pay, Fitbit Pay and Garmin Pay apps.

No more buying a ticket in advance or carrying cash: everything you need is already in your pocket. Travelling with STIB-MIVB had never been that easy!

How much is a contactless fare?

A single fare is €2.10. This is the same price as 1 fare with a MOBIB card, which means it is cheaper than a paper ticket. Validate your bank card, smartphone or smartwatch by holding it in front of the validating machine, where the contactless logo is displayed. Validate the same card or smart device at each connection. Every connection within 60 minutes from the first validation is free of charge, and the maximum amount per day is €7.50. It means that the daily limit is reached from your fourth trip on the same day and that every additional trip is free of charge.

Pre-registering is not necessary: tap your card or smart device and off you go! Contactless payment does not involve any additional costs, but you should have at least €7.50 on your account to be able to travel contactless on the STIB-MIVB network.

If you are a regular or daily user, a MOBIB card will remain the most advantageous solution. Season tickets and multiple journeys are indeed only available on MOBIB cards.

How does it work?

Hold your card or smart device in front of the validating machine, where the contactless logo is displayed. In our stations, you should validate on the machine screen. On the bus or tram, you should validate under the screen. Take your card out of your wallet in order to validate, and make sure that no other card or device could be detected. If the validation is successful, a green screen will be displayed and you will hear a confirmation “beep”, just like with a MOBIB card.

Can I pay for several persons?

No. A same card or device can only be used for 1 person at the same time, so you cannot validate for someone else in addition to yourself. Although a bank card and a smartphone linked to the same card can be used for two different persons. This is also the case for 2 bank cards linked to a same joint account. You will have to validate again at each connection. Always validate with the same card or device so that the daily limit can be calculated properly, and present that same card or device in case of ticket inspection.

Additional tickets can always be bought at a vending machine or in a point of sales. Please note that 10-journey tickets (€14) are only available on MOBIB cards (€5).

How can I get an overview?

You should go to our MyContactless customer portal in order to get an overview of your journeys and fares. Once you have created an account, you will get access to a detailed overview. It will show how much you paid per day for each trip, whether your tap was a connection and when you reached the daily limit. That way you get a clear view on your use!

And when departing form the airport?

A specific rate is applicable on our network when departing from Brussels Airport, the Go2City rate. When you pay contactless, this rate amounts to €7, the same price as paid with a MOBIB card. This rate is applied automatically. All you have to do is get on board and validate you bank card, smartphone or smartwatch on the corresponding machine. To go to the airport, no specific rate is applied.

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