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Fime qualified for EMV 3DS adoption to meet SCA

Source: Fime

Fime’s Test Platform has been qualified by EMVCo enabling it to test EMV 3DS Server (3DSS) modules.

FIME continues to expand its testing and consulting services portfolio to support issuers, acquirers and solution providers to migrate to the latest EMV 3DS specifications as a way to meet Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) mandates from regulators and payment schemes, such as the European Union’s Payment Services Directive 2.

FIME’s EMV 3DS Test Platform is now qualified for 3DS Server v2.1 and ACS v2.2. Customers using the tool also benefit from the knowledge and experience of FIME’s EMV 3DS experts. To extend the service scope to merchants, acquirers and payment service providers (PSP), the qualification process for the 3DS Server v2.2 is also in progress.

“Countries around the world are mandating the shift towards SCA to deliver more secure and frictionless digital authentication experiences. The pandemic has only made this more important,” comments Raphaël Guilley, VP Solutions at FIME. “EMV 3DS deployment is a major step in helping the ecosystem to meet SCA requirements. Our experts, test platform and lab services are helping stakeholders to achieve seamless and efficient product launches and implementations.”

FIME 3DS Test Platform is powered by the FIME Test Factory, a user-friendly cloud-based portal enabling full automation, digitalization and customization throughout the testing process. Lab services and on-demand support wrap around the Test Factory to ensure smooth and successful certifications.  

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