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Push Technology launches service API

Source: Push Technology

Push Technology, the pioneer and leader in real-time data streaming and messaging solutions, today announced the launch of a new Service API capability for Diffusion Cloud, Push’s Real-Time API Management Cloud Platform.

The new Service API provides a REST interface for publishing and requesting data, making Diffusion available to any programming language that can make an HTTP request – there’s no longer a need to install an SDK and developers can immediately start publishing from a command line. Released with the developer in mind, Push’s Service API makes it easy to begin using real-time data across their applications.

Push’s new Service API is a fast way to create, update and remove topics in Diffusion Cloud services via simple HTTP requests. While existing client SDKs remain the preferred mechanism for high-performance integrations, with the new Service API developers can quickly interact, prototype, and extend services via Diffusion Cloud to scale to serve 10’s of thousands of users in minutes. Similarly, the Service API supports easy data ingestion from 10’s of thousands of IoT devices or sensors.

The Service API sits on top of Push’s existing Diffusion Cloud Real-Time platform, enabling developers to mix and match application and data types; publish real-time events using existing SDKs, and query from a REST client; or have thousands of IoT sensors sending updates via HTTP by using a Topic View to dynamically transform and ingest that data into a back-end service.

Sean Bowen, CEO of Push Technology, said: “Diffusion Cloud is used by customers around the world to distribute billions of real-time messages each month. As a customer centric organization focused on development teams’ challenges, we constantly review feature requests and add functionality to our platform to simplify and speed the development process.”

Bowen continued: “While we provide a wide and always expanding array of language-specific SDKs, there are always more languages for which we could develop SDKs - Python, PHP, Go… - the list continues to grow. Therefore, we made the strategic decision to support them all with the introduction of our new Service API. This is the first of many planned additions to our platform that we will be introducing over the coming months to ensure that open standards and ease-of-use always define the developer experience with Diffusion Cloud.”

Diffusion Cloud simplifies and shortens development, speeds time-to-market, and easily scales to meet customers’ business-critical application performance requirements, while providing peace of mind that their data is securely managed and efficiently delivered in real-time. 

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