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Lighthouse, supported by BME, to introduce ESG ratings for SMEs

Source: Lighthouse

Lighthouse, an initiative by Instituto de Analistas Financieros (IEAF) that is supported by BME, will introduce the first ESG rating for small and medium-sized companies in the coming weeks.

Lighthouse was born in 2018 to provide research to companies not covered by analysts. It now takes another step forward by promoting a certification for small and medium sized companies on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) standards, which is increasingly demanded by investors.

The rating will be structured on the basis of a solid and proven work process, based on the major ESG research market standards and the demands of institutional investors in these fields and KPMG is in charge of the methodology.

This initiative will enhance the quantity and quality of information offered by Lighthouse to institutional investors, while also facilitating the assessment of rankings of investment funds that use ESG criteria, a trend that over the last few years has increased consistently in the asset management industry.

Jorge Yzaguirre, Director of Markets and Market Data of BME and Chairman of IEAF highlights that the new rating will be based on the best practices currently in place. “This, together with IEAF's extensive experience as a financial certifier and the synergy it generates with Lighthouse's regular activity, will allow us to build a process that will be perfectly recognisable and accepted by investors as it is based on the highest market standards today".

Lighthouse has a team of 4 analysts, led by Alfredo Echevarría, and already offers research on 14 companies in the Spanish market.

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