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AxeTrading and Mosaic Smart Data collaborate to unlock bond market insights

Source: AXE Trading

AxeTrading, the fixed income trading software provider, and Mosaic Smart Data, the real-time capital markets data analytics company, today announced the integration of the AxeTrader EMS for the sell-side, buy-side and agency brokers with the Mosaic Smart Data’s MSX platform.

As the fixed income trading market continues to rapidly evolve, a wave of change is driving the adoption of automation, algorithmic driven trading and an expansion of trading models. This can only be effectively delivered by analysis, visualisation and interpretation, which requires a firm’s valuable trading data to be captured, normalised, and made available for use. AxeTrader seamlessly generates, collects and standardises all the relevant data from multiple sources including OTC transactions, voice trade confirmations, and trades across 22 execution venues, 12 leading market data sources, and internal platforms.

Using adaptive, open and flexible technology, AxeTrader provides fixed income traders with market aggregation and trading workflows in a single desktop enabling more efficient and transparent trading. To unlock the true value of their data, trade more profitably and make a meaningful increase in revenue, the user needs a powerful and intuitive analytics tool, which is where the collaboration with Mosaic Smart Data comes into play. This will deliver AxeTrader users a range of new capabilities including real-time counterparty insights, TCA, hit ratios and profitability analytics.

Mosaic Smart Data provides real-time capital markets data aggregation, normalisation and powerful data analytics fuelled by machine learning. Mosaic Smart Data understands that the true value of data comes not only from the intrinsic individual data streams themselves, but also from the correlations and inferences that can be drawn from the aggregated data from each client. It’s data analytics platform, MSX, and advanced suite of machine-learning powered tools, MSX360, provide value to buy-side, sell-side, custodians, market infrastructure providers and trading venues alike.

Matthew Hodgson, CEO and founder of Mosaic Smart Data, said: “In today’s fixed income markets, access to comprehensive real-time data is not just important for success but a requirement for survival. The differentiator will be how effectively firms extract all the available insights from that data and, crucially, translate them into action. We’re always looking for more ways to bring this capability to our clients, and this collaboration with AxeTrading will greatly enhance the potential of the MSX platform for fixed income market participants.”

Mark Watters, CCO and co-founder of AxeTrading commented: “We are delighted that we will be able to offer our clients access to Mosaic Smart Data’s market leading consolidated analytics capability. The ability to deliver high-quality analysis of a firm’s valuable fixed income trading data, captured and normalized by AxeTrader, will be of huge value to our clients. Through this collaboration, clients will be able to maximise their liquidity opportunities in real time and execute with insight seamlessly through AxeTrader.”

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