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VTB Group receives patent for credit tech

Source: VTB Group

VTB Group has received a patent for a technology developed by the bank's IT and consumer banking specialists for selecting loan offers for clients.

Using this technology reduces the time taken to generate offer and allows for several products to be selected at the same time and the maximum number of combinations of credit and insurance products per request to be collected.

The flexible selection of several credit products provides the ability to create offers for:
• Cash loans or refinancing with a choice of commitments, both external and internal, that the client wants to refinance, as well as with the possibility of obtaining an additional amount for personal purposes when refinancing.
• New credit cards and changes to current limits.
• Non-banking cross-products, in particular insurance options for issued loans.

The calculation is based on the required loan amount, the client's financial condition and current credit load. It is important that the choice can be made within the framework of a single decision approved by the bank, without the need to re-examine the application.

"VTB's digital transformation strategy involves a particular focus on accelerating the bank's response to changes in the market and customer demand. Developing a technology for the flexible selection of credit offerings for clients and obtaining a patent for this technology is the next step in the implementation of our broader digital transformation strategy." said Vadim Kulik, Deputy President and Chairman of the Board of VTB.

"Automating routine banking processes and putting them in the background allows us to offer products that better meet customer expectations. As a result of this transformation, VTB offers a better and faster service, as well as several available product offerings for the client." said Yevgeny Blaginin, head of VTB's Credit Products Department. 

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