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Swedbank adds FX to API suite

Source: Swedbank

We are very happy to announce that we now are adding a new API to Swedbank Open Bankink: RestFX.

Rest FX brings Foreign Exchange into our collection of Open Banking APIs.

It is already available so you can go straight onto our Developer Portal to learn more about it and get started.

RestFX is a family of two APIs:

RestFX Indicative Rates is a user friendly way to retrieve up-to date, indicative FX rates. The API is open for all users and not limited to customers of Swedbank. The service supports more than 100 different currency pairs and the rates are continuously updated. We provide this as a free service. To get started you can follow the onboarding instruction here.

RestFX Market Orders is the API to place FX orders with Swedbank. You can both execute orders and integrate and automate FX conversions in your business processes. And you can also download reports of executed trades. This service is limited to customers of Swedbank in Sweden and Norway that are customers of our FX Trade product. If you want to become a customer of Swedbank and start using RestFX Market Orders please contact us, and we will help you out. You can also learn more of the service first by reading the documentation or test the service in our Sandbox.

The APIs are already available both in our sandbox and in our production environment.

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