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Bunq pledges to plant 1 million trees by February 2021

Source: Bunq

European challenger bank bunq, is giving it’s users what they want and standing up against CO2 by today making a pledge to plant 1 million trees by February 2021.

Planting trees & How it works
Bunq has a bank account option that plants a tree in Madagascar for every €100 spent allowing users to become CO2 free in less than 2 years. Bunq recently planted its 500,000th tree in 6 months, representing a whopping 154,000 tonnes in saved CO2 emissions. To put this into perspective, that’s the same as 162,276 flights between Amsterdam to JFK or 7 million return Eurostar journeys from London to Paris.

What else? Giving to charity, saving the world...
In addition to the existing features, bunq has recently launched a public beta for their latest V3 update, which will allow users to:
• Create and support their own local charities and invite other members of the community to support them
• Donate how and when they want to through a click of a button, track their donations within the app as well as see the total donations given by the entire bunq community
• The bunq app has also been simplified to make it even easier for people and businesses to save time, save money and save CO2

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