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Auriga showcases digital branch

Source: Auriga

Auriga, a leading supplier of technological solutions for the omnichannel banking and payments industries, today introduced WWS Bank4Me, a new advanced remote banking solution, part of its ‘NextGenBranch’ offer.

The new solution allows customers to access all the services of the bank in self-service mode and interact with the bank's consultants via video assistance, in a safe and personalised way.

The new module is designed to answer the need for more sophisticated customer care using audio and video banking channels at branches through a digital video terminal within a private area of the branch. It fully complies with Auriga’s goal of helping banks achieve fully digital, lean, multi-functional and customer-oriented branches.

When banks run Bank4Me, customers can easily access financial services 24/7 and request assistance from a consultant remotely to complete the transaction, if needed. The customer care specialist initiates an audio and/or video conversation and requests remote control authorisation. This allows them to guide the customer and fill out form fields to complete their request.

WWS Bank4Me supports the roll out of digital in-branch banking services that meet the differing needs of many customers including the elderly and disabled for personalised service, human interaction and assistance when making transactions. It provides a model that allows Banks not only to maintain customer access to financial services that would otherwise only be available in towns and cities but also extend service hours for people living in rural and remote areas.

As banks look to adapt branches to current public health requirements on social distancing, the module seamlessly and securely integrates video and audio banking services into in-branch devices to support the goals of promoting staff and customer safety while delivering a very accessible and helpful service.

Mark Aldred, banking specialist at Auriga, said: “Digital self-service technology is at the heart of the next generation bank branch, but it is clear that more needs to be done to assist many customers to use the technology. Our new advanced remote banking solution ensures consumers of all levels of digital literacy or none can access the best possible service from their local branch.”

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