Onix Solutions releases FIXAnalyser for public download

Source: Onix Solutions

Onix Solutions today announced the availability of FIXAnalyser for public download.

This is a stand alone monitoring, reporting, analysis and query tool for real-time messages or historical log files for any FIX library or server.

The Onix Solutions FIX Analyser is a feature rich tool for FIX message analysis. It helps developers, QA engineers, customer support specialists monitor FIX sessions, explore FIX logs and quickly retrieve requisite information, diagnose problems and collate information for generating reports. The results of filtering, sorting, tracking and queries may also be exported to third party data management suites.

The FIXAnalyser makes it simpler to understand raw FIX messages and message flows via the parsing of unformatted FIX session and application log files into a readable format selected and configured by the user.

FIX Analyser providesmultiple ways to build queries, including a query builder with nested search capability, full text search and a powerful regular expression search engine.

Multiple sorting modes and fully customizable message highlighting make it possible to explore and represent FIX messages and fields in context specific methods in real time.

The FIX Analyser's real-time facilities include:

  • real-time file/session monitoring: FIX Analyser detects changes and updates all reports and queries
  • FIX message capture tool: detects and captures FIX messages passed over all TCP connections with no impact on current systems.

Advanced features for determining differences and correlations in message sets, merging discrete sesion and application log files and and powerful order/mesage/group tracing utilities make diagnosis simple. A dictionary of all known message types and fields including custom values is included.

Flexible hierarchical session-based configuration and query storage automate common tasks and queries.

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