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Invictus Capital launches wallet to enable blockchain investment via credit cards

Source: Invictus Capital

Invictus Capital, the alternative investment firm that offers dollar- denominated, blockchain-based investment funds, announces the launch of its secure Invictus Wallet.

This new digital wallet allows individuals to invest on the Invictus blockchain platform seamlessly—even with fiat currency, while also allowing for access to the broader blockchain ecosystem.

Invictus Capital offers access to exciting investment opportunities in the form of blockchain ‘fund tokens’ that represent underlying investment funds. The benefits of tokenizing investment funds are that investors are afforded greater liquidity, much faster transactions, more transparency, and increased accessibility; at a much lower cost.

A digital/blockchain wallet is a piece of software that enables access to the assets stored on the blockchain. Previously, a prerequisite for accessing these exciting investment funds was knowledge about how blockchain-based wallets worked. The technical experience was the most significant barrier to entry for new investors in the blockchain world. In launching its in-built wallet, Invictus is moving closer to mass adoption by simplifying the onboarding process, by making buying into blockchain-based assets easy.

The new user-friendly digital wallet is easily accessible to anyone´╝Źregardless of blockchain experience. The wallet offers users an intuitive user interface designed to abstract away all complexities and presents the user with a simple ‘account’ similar to what traditional investment platforms provide. The wallet uses a combination of local encryption and Google’s battle-tested hardware encryption to keep your wallet secure. Users need to create a wallet passcode to get their own Invictus Wallet, affording them the ability to:

  • Invest & redeem investments: An easy investment process results in users receiving ‘fund tokens’ to their wallet. These fund tokens can be redeemed at any time, 24/7, with the underlying value of the redeemed tokens automatically being deposited into their wallet.
  • Send & receive tokens: Fund tokens and Ether (the cryptocurrency of the Ethereum blockchain), as well as other USD-backed stablecoins, can be sent from the Invictus Wallet to any other wallet outside of Invictus Capital’s platform.
  • Fiat-based buy-in: Users can buy into Invictus Capital’s funds with a bank transfer, or debit or credit card, and be granted fund tokens in exchange, stored in the Invictus Wallet provided to them.
  • Easy access to a high-yield deposit: The USD-backed stablecoin, TUSD, can be directly invested from the wallet into the Invictus Margin Lending fund, which has historically returned more than 10% pa on dollars.

“We are excited to announce the launch of the Invictus Wallet, a new and simplified concept that will make investing on the blockchain much easier,” says Invictus Capital CEO Daniel Schwartzkopff. “With an enormous potential in blockchain-driven investing, we would like to see the opportunity afforded not just to crypto and blockchain enthusiasts, but also to those who are less familiar with the crypto sphere and would like to get in.”

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