Finantix ships CIO Cockpit

Source: Finantix

Finantix, the leading global provider of trusted technology to the wealth management, insurance and banking industries, today launched the latest addition to its product portfolio, CIO Cockpit, which allows Chief Investment Officers to distribute market updates and investment ideas to clients faster, leveraging digital communication and collaboration channels.

CIO Cockpit caters for three key Investment Office functions - House View driven asset allocation, criteria-based instrument selection, and content authoring. By bringing these together CIO Cockpit helps Chief Investment Officers rapidly author and publish investment commentaries and research relevant to their client base.

Developed together with Chief Investment Officers, industry analysts and experts, CIO Cockpit allows wealth managers to:

Publish and implement House View changes with unprecedented speed
Communicate views and convictions with timely commentaries and content
Combine top-down market timing alpha with bottom-up product selection alpha
Define, manage and mass re-balance model portfolios
Offer bespoke discretionary mandates, at scale
Personalise and distribute recommendations and content relevant to individual Relationship Managers and their clients

Alessandro Tonchia, Co-founder and Head of Strategy for Finantix, said: “Serving clients in volatile markets requires faster time to market and increased rigour in going from updated house views to concrete recommendations. An efficient process needs to support this by understanding the impact of forecasts and convictions on tactical and model portfolios, explaining views and investment ideas, and distributing these in a personalised and frictionless way to relationship managers and clients. Our newly released CIO Cockpit does just this. It combines InCube’s data-driven portfolio construction tools and investment expertise with the Finantix digital platform to help CIOs accelerate the production and delivery of actionable intelligence.”

CIO Cockpit is the first product to leverage the unique combination of Finantix’s CRM, advisory and collaborative components with the data-driven and AI-enabled wealth management capabilities of recently acquired Swiss fintech InCube.

Dr. Boris Rankov, Co-founder and Head of Product at InCube Group AG, adds: “Imagine an Investment Committee (IC) meeting where the members want to see the impact of the recent market turmoil due to Covid-19 on the bank’s model portfolios. Or the IC wants to test the impact of specific market views on the model portfolios. Our CIO Cockpit offers exactly this. Getting rid of a spreadsheet managed investment process and going digital enables Chief Investment Officers to rapidly develop, implement and communicate market views and high conviction ideas. The unique combination of Finantix’s enterprise-grade technology together with InCube’s extensive expertise in Quantitative Finance and Artificial Intelligence, gives CIOs a set of tools that will position them to deliver investment research and portfolios to clients with unprecedented speed.”

With the backing of Motive Partners, Finantix continues to expand across Europe, Asia Pacific and North America and drive the adoption of its products, which increase sales effectiveness and improve the quality of advice.

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