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R3 and Kaleido team up

Source: R3

At the State of Enterprise Adoption session at this year’s Consensus: Distributed conference, R3 Co-Founder Todd McDonald and Kaleido Founder Steve Cerveny announced the companies formally partner to offer R3’s Corda Enterprise software on Kaleido’s digital platform.

Corda-powered networks are now available through Kaleido’s consortium-as-a-service offering built for organizations looking to accelerate their collaborative transformation efforts across all sectors, including financial services, healthcare, supply chain, transportation, and the public sector.

The partnership allows Corda Enterprise users to rapidly deploy enterprise-grade and production-ready Corda networks on Kaleido. Clients will also be able to run CorDapps on cross-cloud and hybrid networks with a full stack of complementary tools and technologies. The new Kaleido’s consortium-as-a-service offering provides industry-first digital transformation capabilities to accelerate the business outcomes of decentralized consortium networks. Key capabilities include smart contract management, a full stack of middleware technologies, a multi-party control plane, and shared DevOps.

The recent global crisis has served to highlight the limitations of legacy inter-company systems and the urgency to modernize to more nimble and collaborative business processes. Companies are looking to replace legacy processes with digital asset transfers, assure data privacy for partners in new resilient and transparent business networks, and leverage new incentive-based models to drive faster revenue recognition and lower costs. This market-level overhaul is best achieved through collaborative consortia, bolstered by enterprise blockchain technology, to bring transparency and trust to their interactions while maintaining privacy and security.

Steve Cerveny said: “The once-in-a-generation shift to digitize enterprise back-office systems is intensifying in this downturn triggered by the pandemic. Enterprises are looking for ways to unlock trapped value and transform risk into opportunity in their B2B networks. Kaleido is solving these challenges by enabling customers to use our consortium-as-a-service offering powered by R3’s leading enterprise blockchain technology, resulting in business networks moving from zero to one in record time.
Todd McDonald said: “We’re excited to partner with Kaleido. Now is the time for consortia to develop stronger business models and position themselves successfully for the long-term. The new offering Kaleido is announcing today will support business ecosystems moving into production faster than ever before, to reap the benefits of more efficient cost structures and faster time to value.” 

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