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Zogo signs Vision FCU to financial literacy platform

Source: Zogo

To enhance the avenues for learning about financial literacy for its student populations, Visions Federal Credit Union ($4.6 billion; 210,000 members; Endicott, New York) has signed with the award-winning, mobile financial literacy app provider Zogo.

Zogo’s financial literacy app will help teach Visions’ young adult members sound financial fundamentals, while actually paying them to learn.

According to Visions Federal Credit Union’s Director of Impact and Engagement, Lizette Epps, Visions places a strong focus on educating not just young members, but members of all ages through its financial literacy programs. Zogo’s app affords the credit union the ability to continue to educate them outside of a classroom setting.

“We wanted to find a way to continue reinforcing the materials in a fun and engaging way,” Epps said. “Zogo gives us that option.”

She adds that Zogo’s app provides Visions with the ideal opportunity to provide continuing education directly to members through their devices. Zogo’s bite-sized modules cover a variety of topics, beginning at the foundational level of budgeting and growing more complex as the users complete each module. The gamification, leaderboards, and accumulation of points encourages the users to have healthy competition, as well as foster a desire to continue learning.

Visions also plans to provide the app’s modules to Spanish-speaking communities so that even more of its members can experience the fun, ongoing education that Zogo provides.

“We are excited to have found such an innovative addition to our program,” Epps said. “We are looking forward to seeing how Zogo continues to enhance its modules for our members in the future.”

"We are very excited about partnering with Visions to enhance their financial literacy learning programs for their student populations,” states Zogo Co-founder/CEO Bolun Li. “Not only do we want to help educate the students in the community that Visions serves, we want to help Visions’ brand go viral among young adults!”

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