RedSky Financial signs for Yipes' trading and market data connectivity services

Source: Yipes Enterprise Services

Yipes Enterprise Services, Inc. today announced that it has been selected by Chicago-based RedSky Financial to handle critical trading and order connectivity, as well as quotation and other data feeds from major financial exchanges.

Yipes, the pioneer in globally managed, end-to-end Ethernet solutions, said RedSky utilizes Yipes metro area network (MAN) and national area network (NAN) services enabling a highly reliable Ethernet solution linking three major data centers in Chicago, New York and New Jersey. The Yipes network gives RedSky unparalleled access into financial exchange systems, cutting data latency levels by more than half.

The solution also gives RedSky a new level of control over their network, including the ability to set their own Quality of Service (QoS) standards in managing a wide range of real-time financial data streams. RedSky's trading volume jumped nearly 30 percent following the move to Yipes, as network latency between Chicago and New York improved by 38 percent.

By selecting Yipes, RedSky Financial becomes part of the Yipes FinancialConnect! community, a scalable network platform that provides members, such as broker-dealers, hedge funds and proprietary trading firms with high speed, scalable and cost-effective access to the world's largest providers such as Exchanges, ECNs, and trading platforms.

Using its Gigabit Ethernet Network, Yipes provides FinancialConnect! members with high speed and scalable direct access to critical market information and services from 1 Mbps to 1 Gbps in 1 meg increments. The Yipes FinancialConnect! community is comprised of the largest providers of market data, trade handling, execution and post-trade services.

In just five years, RedSky Financial has become an established resource of choice for trading professionals who demand speed, access and stability. The company has developed its own back- middle- and front- end software solutions to ensure optimal performance. RedSky's R3 proprietary trading platform was built from the ground up by industry veterans to allow clients to efficiently trade multiple asset classes with ease. For automated trading clients, RedSky provides multiple APIs for order submission and price subscription at the lowest possible latency levels and the highest possible throughput.

"In our business, you need to be close to the exchanges to truly keep latency as low as possible, since a millisecond or less can make the difference between a filled order and a cancelled one. Lost time is lost opportunity. Yipes' flexibility, combined with their technology, facilities and exchange relationships give us an extra edge every trading day," said Stefan Gratzl, systems manager for RedSky Financial.

"Legacy options, such as T-1 bundling, were simply not an option when compared with the reduced provisioning time, increased reliability, scalability and speed of our Yipes Ethernet-based solution. Total cost of ownership is down and our volume, productivity and expansion capabilities are all up. Yipes was a great move for us and we look forward to leveraging their unique strengths as we continue to grow globally."

"RedSky Financial is on the cutting edge of the financial community's movement to electronic trading and understands the unique opportunities and obstacles this change represents," said John Panzica, Yipes general manager, financial services sector. "Our ability to streamline their access into exchange environments, provision in days instead of months and scale bandwidth on demand means they can focus on their core business instead of spending time chasing questions of latency, stability, connectivity costs or timeframes."

The rapid growth of Yipes FinancialConnect! led to the recent addition of Panzica. In his position, Panzica is responsible for strategy, brand development, partnerships and business development in the financial services sector. This sector represents more than 30 percent of Yipes' revenue.
Panzica brings more than seventeen years of experience developing business in the telecommunications and financial services industries.

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