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Push Technology provides Diffusion Cloud free

Source: Push Technology

Push Technology, the pioneer and leader in real-time intelligent data streaming and messaging solutions, today announced that it will provide Diffusion Cloud, Push Technology’s Real-Time API Management Cloud Platform, free for all existing customers and new customers developing systems in the cloud during these challenging times.

Push Technology Provides Diffusion Cloud Free
Launch and run real-time apps with zero data costs for six months
The unprecedented offer is truly free as it includes: no restrictions on message or connection volume; free onboarding and operational support services; and architecture design and build guidance. This offer applies to all Diffusion Cloud platform usage from March 31st through September 30th, 2020.

Sean Bowen, CEO of Push Technology, said: “In times of global crisis, we must all consider how we can assist others, both personally and professionally. The effect of people working from home has impacted many businesses. Yet, now more than ever, companies must initiate and continue their web and mobile application and system development.”

When profits fall, the expenses associated with ongoing operations, as well as in-progress and new software development projects, are a challenge.

Bowen continued: “To help companies cope with the cost of their critical development projects and ongoing operations, we are providing our Diffusion Cloud Real-Time API Management platform free of any charges, regardless of usage volume, to all companies worldwide for the next six months.”

The program is being welcomed by organizations juggling myriad business challenges. Philipp Röben, Founder and CIO of Gratisbroker, an online securities trading platform, said: "Push Technology making Diffusion Cloud free for six months is great for our business. As we manage our expenses during this global crisis, we appreciate Push Technology's support to reduce our operational costs.

Under normal business conditions, and as is common across the industry, the Diffusion Cloud platform is free to develop, test, and launch applications below a fixed usage limit. Above that limit, companies pay a usage service fee. However, Push Technology has made the unique decision to remove all usage limits and services fees in order to help companies stressed by world events. The program allows development teams to initiate and develop multiple projects, and continue to run existing systems, on the Diffusion Cloud platform at no charge.

Diffusion Cloud is the only real-time API management platform that combines pub/sub, request response, and time series in a single unified SDK. It is purpose built to securely stream real-time data from all data sources - its proprietary delta data streaming technology only sends updates when data changes, substantially reducing the amount of data sent and bandwidth usage costs. Diffusion Cloud simplifies and speeds development, deployment, and scaling of customers’ systems, providing peace of mind that data is securely managed and efficiently delivered in real-time.

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