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Countingup introduces Journals for amendments to the sales ledger

Source: Countingup

Countingup, the UK’s leading banking and accounting app for SMEs, is the first business current account in the world that has both journals and financial reports built-in.

A journal is a tool that allows accountants to make manual adjustments to the  ledger. Thus, enabling accountants to capture the transactions that impact a  business’ accounts which are not already captured by bills, invoices or  banking transactions. Examples include depreciation, accruals and  prepayments. 

Countingup CEO, Tim Fouracre, said, “Cloud accounting apps like Xero and  Quickbooks have long talked up the single ledger where bank feeds from  Barclays or RBS are imported into their cloud accounting software. However,  the banking and accounting have always been separate. Countingup brings  the two together in one source of truth and, using journals, accountants can  now directly update the accounting records”. 

With Countingup’s true single ledger, accounting records are accurate and  the ability to journal directly onto the ledger finally creates one source of truth  about a business’ accounting records. This can be viewed in real-time by the accountant through a cloud based Accountant Hub or by the business owner  in the mobile app. 

Tim Fouracre added, “With the majority of small businesses now working  from home due to the threat of Covid-19, the ability for accountants to  collaborate with their clients digitally has never been more important. The  feature to create journals in our web based Accountant Hub gives  accountants the tools they need to do their job remotely.” 

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