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InChorus to track microaggressions in fintech

Source: InChorus

InChorus has partnered with Innovate Finance, FinTech Alliance and Level 39 to carry out an industry-wide research project, sponsored by Revolut, into non-inclusive behaviours known as ‘microaggressions’.

We want to help create a ‘speak up’ culture across FinTech. Because when employees feel empowered to speak up about problematic behaviours, we end a silence that harms individuals, companies, and the sector at large.

Our research is powered by InChorus’ technology. The web app enables anyone working within FinTech to simply and anonymously share their experience in around 60 seconds.

InChorus will then aggregate this anonymous data across the industry in order to understand where the biggest issues are. We can then take steps to change things through targeted interventions and greater collaboration around the issues that the data directs us towards.

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