Simple names Tesla's Moin Moinuddin VP, engineering

Source: Simple

Simple today announced the addition of Moin Moinuddin to the company’s corporate leadership. Moinuddin will serve as Vice President of Engineering for the neobank.

In his role, Moinuddin will lead all of Engineering, including product engineering and infrastructure. He brings decades of experience in search and commerce technology, as well as the ability to launch new products and services. Prior to joining Simple, Moinuddin served in the development of Tesla’s financial products platform, the global monetization platform for Dropbox, and Microsoft’s global commerce strategy.

“We are always experimenting with ways to deliver products and services that help our customers feel confident with their money,” said Simple CEO David Hijirida. “I expect that Moin’s focus on execution and his ability to deliver amazing customer experiences will serve us well in our ability to quickly test and learn, and launch new products and services.”

Moinuddin is also enthusiastic about the opportunities he sees at Simple, saying he “looks forward to making an impact across the organization at all levels.”

“Serving as head of engineering at Simple goes beyond just the engineering team,” said Moinuddin. “One key benefit to working for a smaller, younger company -- in addition to the entrepreneurial mentality -- is the ability to impact every part of the company with the work we’re doing.”

Hijirida says he expects Moinuddin to play a highly influential and visible role in the organization as Simple continues to focus on creating an integrated and automated budgeting and banking experience that inspires financial confidence.

“Our entire company operates with a rapid learning and execution tech mindset,” said Hijirida. “We want to be able to pilot products and services, gather customer feedback, and make adjustments as we go. Having Moin here helps us make that whole process faster, smoother and more efficient.”  

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