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AVA buys capital markets platform Investery

Source: AVA

AVA, an efficient and modular decentralized services platform, has announced the acquisition of Investery Inc., a private capital markets platform that empowers investors to manage alternative investments.

As part of the acquisition, Investery’s existing partnerships will transition over to AVA, while Investery’s CEO and Founder, John Wu, and VP of Business Development and Product, Lydia Chiu, will join AVA Labs full time.

Speaking about the acquisition, Emin Gün Sirer, Co-Founder and CEO of AVA Labs, commented, “Today’s acquisition of Investery represents AVA’s commitment to the continued development of our financial services offering and bolsters our position at the forefront of innovation in the DeFi space. What’s more, we’re delighted and honored to welcome John Wu and Lydia Chiu to the AVA team. As Wall St. alumni, John and Lydia bring with them significant expertise that will enable us to bridge the gap between traditional finance and digital assets. This is an important strategic push for AVA that will further strengthen our platform, broaden our base of partnerships, and assist us in reaching new customers.”

Established in 2019, Investery provides a full suite of services to help investors research, manage, and transact in private markets. Investery’s online discovery marketplace offers a seamless experience to various vertical marketplaces, enabling investors to see deal inventory and their portfolio holdings in one app. Investery’s expertise in the FinTech space will be leveraged to grow the AVA platform. By enabling access to private asset platforms and the issuance of private financial assets, this acquisition will further enhance AVA’s financial offering. Investery will also facilitate the growth of AVA’s customer base, while fostering relevant partnerships within the financial services space.

Prior to establishing Investery, John Wu founded Sureview Capital with a strategic investment from Blackstone, and was formerly a tech investor at Kingdon Capital and Tiger Management. An experienced technology entrepreneur, John also held the role of CEO of SharesPost’s Digital Assets Group, where he built and led the digital assets business, which executed the first full-custody trade of digital securities. Lydia Chiu also brings a wealth of financial industry experience to AVA, coming from a traditional finance background, previously working at Morgan Stanley and Credit Suisse. She served as Director of Digital Assets at SharesPost, Senior Analyst at Sureview Capital, and most recently as VP of Business Development and Product at Investery. Within AVA, John will assume the title of President, with Lydia taking the role of Vice President of Business Development.

John Wu, CEO and Founder of Investery, concluded, “AVA Labs’ vision to leverage blockchain to drive liquidity, create new markets and streamline trade across financial markets globally is something that Investery is wholeheartedly on board with. Joining forces allows us to strategically align to expand our service offering for the next generation of financial services.” 

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