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RBC first in Canada to offer Interac e-Transfer: Bulk Request Money feature

Source: RBC

There are many tasks involved in running a smooth business operation. Among them is the efficient and cost-effective management of accounts receivables which is critical to maintaining a healthy cash flow.

For many Canadian businesses, the manual task of notifying and reminding hundreds or thousands of customers to fulfill outstanding payments via mail, personalized emails and phone calls can be a massively time-consuming and costly ordeal. To streamline and automate the process, RBC is the first bank in Canada to offer the Interac e-Transfer: Bulk Request Money feature to its business banking clients.

Interac e-Transfer: Bulk Request Money is a digital, subscription-based service that enables businesses to send multiple payment requests at once with automated reminders to streamline the process and save time. The new feature delivers three key benefits:

A simplified initiation process: Payment reminders can be facilitated with the payors’ email address or phone number. No need for customer bank account details or void cheques!

Get paid faster: All payors will automatically receive email or SMS reminder notifications to fulfill payment requests. If they choose to pay via Interac e-Transfer, they can quickly and securely transfer funds using their online banking channel and recipients can have certainty that the payment will not be held back by Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF).

Streamlined & efficient reconciliation: Tracking outstanding accounts receivables is streamlined and payment reconciliation reports are produced for business clients on a daily basis.

“This capability introduces a new level of efficiency and control in managing a business’ receivables and cash flow. We’ve digitized the manual reconciliation process and eliminated the need for expensive, paper-based cheques. In doing so, we’ve simplified the transaction experience and alleviated a huge pain point for both our business clients and their customers,” said Lisa Lansdowne-Higgins, Vice-President, Business Deposits & Treasury Solutions, RBC. “This is one of the many ways RBC is offering the latest in digital payments solutions to deliver enhanced banking experiences for our clients.”

Subscribed RBC business banking customers can facilitate the Interac e-Transfer: Bulk Request Money via RBC Express® or RBC’s Network Gateway. Businesses can also customize reminder notifications to payors by adding the company’s logo and message, and control the number and frequency of automatic reminder notifications issued on outstanding payment requests.

“As part of our ongoing commitment to payment innovation, we’re pleased to expand our product capabilities with the Interac e-Transfer: Bulk Request Money feature,” said Peter Maoloni, Vice-President, Product & Platform Delivery, Interac Corp. “This new feature leverages our deep knowledge and proven capabilities in fraud detection and prevention, data analytics, direct messaging and reporting to help Canadian businesses manage their payment process with greater ease and confidence.”

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