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InComm opens innovation studio

Source: InComm

Payments technology company InComm announced today the launch of Go StudioTM, its innovation hub dedicated to developing emerging technologies for customer-centric products and solutions.

Based in the company’s Atlanta headquarters, the innovation studio leverages expertise sourced from a collaborative, global network of internal resources as well as corporate and academic partners.

Go Studio will leverage InComm’s 25-year history of innovation, which began with the creation of point-of-sale activation technology that enabled retailers to activate gift cards and other prepaid products at the register. Over the past two decades, this know-how has been applied to several industries, such as transit, lottery and healthcare. The company’s dedication to developing new solutions, such as payments processing, customer loyalty and engagement solutions, will be channeled through Go Studio with a focus on emerging technologies, including mixed reality, blockchain, artificial intelligence, Internet of things (IoT), voice assistants and more.

“Changing customer behavior to facilitate adoption of emerging solutions is especially challenging if you’re not immersing yourself in their encounters,” said Brooks Smith, founder and CEO of InComm. “Go Studio will dive deep into the customer experience while ideating on emerging technologies to dramatically improve their journey.”

In addition to a team of full-time staff members, InComm’s Go Studio will work with colleges and universities around the world to provide students with an opportunity to participate in the ideation and implementation of new technology solutions. The innovation studio will also host regular workshops, hackathons and other events to foster creativity and discussion in impacted industries.

InComm is currently accepting idea and challenge submissions from its merchant and service provider partners for the innovation studio.

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