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HTB chooses Ping Identity for multi-factor authentication

Source: Hampshire Trust Bank

Hampshire Trust Bank (HTB) today announces that it has partnered with Ping Identity to provide intelligent access for customers and brokers.

This forms part of HTB’s wider strategy to improve customer and broker experience by unifying credentials across all platforms. Ping Identity will enable secure access to HTB’s products and services through multi-factor authentication.

This market leading platform delivers 24/7 monitoring, optimization and alerting extending security outside of HTB operating hours. The software helps HTB provide a seamless user experience and will be rolled out across services throughout 2020.

Russ Fitzgerald, CIO at HTB said: “This is another great example of HTB delivering best in breed technology and innovation that makes better banking a reality for our customers and brokers. We are constantly evolving our digital proposition in line what the best in the market place can offer. We chose Ping Identity as it provides a range of services that will underpin our significant growth plans over the next few years.”

James Belcher, Account Manager for Ping Identity added: “We are pleased to be working closely with HTB to deliver the Ping Intelligent Identity™ platform that is trusted by the majority of the CMA 9 along with major banks, building societies and financial service providers. Ping helps to establish backend workflows that comply with the Open Banking Security Profile, while also eliminating the need to build the technology from the ground up.”

Chris Michael, Head of Technology at Open Banking stated, “We’re delighted to share that Ping Identity is the first platform to pass all the mandated and optional security tests and could be considered as the ‘gold standard’ that others should seek to emulate.”

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