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Equity analytics provider Ortex debuts private investor platform

Source: Ortex

ORTEX, the global equity analytics platform, has launched a product for individuals; making their market leading data and unique, proprietary analysis of the stock market available to private investors for the first time.

ORTEX, which is already used by a number of institutions including investment banks, hedge funds, brokers and asset managers, provides users with unrivalled data, insight and analysis across an extensive range of global stocks.

Features of the platform - which pulls in data from a range of leading providers including FIS Global, Standard & Poor, Cboe, Capital IQ and Morning Star - include real-time global equity prices and indexes, global equity analyst estimates and analyst rankings, comprehensive short interest stats, unique correlation analytics, market leading alpha trading signals, detailed corporate and macro events details and analysis, and insider and director dealings.

The short interest data and analyst rankings are two proprietary features offering particular value to investors. The daily short stats are based on prime brokers’ stock lending data, which means that in Europe they include short positions under the 0.5% reporting limit and in the US the data is far timelier than the regulatory two-week delayed announcements.

The analyst rankings provided by ORTEX consider how accurate each analyst is, per company and on any given numbers that they produce (including EPS, Target Price and Recommendations). By comparing their historical data with the actual outcome as verified by the company released numbers and the development of the share price, ORTEX is able to compare each analyst per stock and per sector to rank them based on accuracy and performance.

The ORTEX market-leading alpha trading signals are another valuable feature for private investors. The strongest (4 and 5 star) EPS signals - which considers data from analysts and utilises ORTEX’s analyst rankings - yields an average return of 18% over 66 days (and 68% annually)

ORTEX is available to private investors for a monthly fee of £129 / $149 / €149.

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