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Boerse Stuttgart crypto trading app attracts 81,000 active users in first year

Source: Boerse Stuttgart

Uncomplicated and secure trading in cryptocurrencies on the smartphone: this is possible with BISON, Boerse Stuttgart Group’s crypto app.

One year since its launch, BISON now has around 81,000 active users. “We are very satisfied with the level of take-up for BISON. Our approach has been to make trading in cryptocurrencies as simple as possible, and the response has been excellent. Over the past twelve months, we have received a great deal of valuable feedback from users that we incorporate into the further development of BISON,” said Dr Ulli Spankowski, CEO of Sowa Labs GmbH, the subsidiary of Boerse Stuttgart Digital Ventures GmbH which developed the BISON app.

New features are being added gradually to BISON since the launch. The next steps have already been planned: a desktop version of BISON and the introduction of Bitcoin Cash as an additional tradable cryptocurrency. Since January 2020, users have been able to transfer Bitcoin from their private wallets to BISON, and this facility is also planned for the other tradable cryptocurrencies. Since recently, interested citizens of the European Economic Area and Switzerland who want to use BISON can download the app. In 2019, the app was upgraded with individual price alerts and an info report showing amounts to be declared for tax purposes. Since October 2019, trading on BISON has been available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Users can trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Ripple (XRP) on BISON, free of charge and at the prices displayed in the app. BISON makes its profit from the spreads between the buying and selling prices displayed. There are no additional costs for users. The trading partner of the users at BISON is EUWAX AG, a subsidiary of Boerse Stuttgart GmbH that is regulated in Germany as a financial services provider. Users therefore buy and sell cryptocurrencies from and to EUWAX AG in each case.

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