Australian digital brokerage Stake open UK beta

Source: Stake

Stake’s mission is to open the US stock market to the world. Today we’ve arrived in the UK in beta mode; another big step on this journey.

To those in the UK less familiar with us, we are Stake. A digital brokerage platform, laser-focused on providing direct and sophisticated access to the world’s biggest and most dynamic market that’s simple and intuitive.

We’re a team of trading experts, engineers and designers, all with a passion for the markets. Originating in Australia in 2017, we’re driven by a simple belief: brokerage is still broken and we want to fix it.

The Land of Opportunity

We do one thing and do it better than anyone - the US stock market. We love the US market because it represents endless opportunity. $31trillion of opportunity in fact.

More money moves through Apple and Amazon on the US market each day than the entire London Stock Exchange. That’s not to say the US is a replacement to the LSE, rather it’s complimentary. Another huge avenue of opportunity for people outside the US to diversify into and make their money grow through.

This is the value our more than 55,000 customers in Australia get from Stake. 77% had traded domestically but 86% had never traded in the US before Stake. The appetite was always there but until Stake, the access wasn’t.

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