Sberbank loyalty programme lets customers send reward points to each other

Source: Sberbank

Spasibo by Sberbank has announced a new unique feature: now its users are able to transfer rewards points to each other. Now SPASIBO points can be gifted.

All loyalty program members besides those who are at the lowest Spasibo privilege level will be entitled to transfer points from February 1, 2020. In other words, if you are above the Spasibo level, you can use your points as you want, for example, you can send or receive them.

The feature will be available via a completely new Spasibo by Sberbank platform, which will bring together the mobile app, website and all the loyalty program portals in one omnichannel interface. The points transfer service will be available via a new mobile app Thank You X and on the updated website. Today these venues are being piloted, but they will be available for all program participants by early February.

You can transfer points easily by simply entering the Transfers section, inputting a recipient’s phone number and the amount of SPASIBO points. The points will be credited instantly. The only limit is a recipient can’t get over 50,000 points a month. A sender can transfer an unlimited number of reward points to different users a month from 1 to 50,000 per one transaction.

The points you receive can be used like those earned any other way (card transactions, purchases at stores, points earned under the Spasibomania gamification, etc.). Recipients can use the points right after they get them.

Andrey Pisarev, CEO, Operator of the Thank You by Sberbank Program,

“The reward points transfer is a service our clients have been increasingly asking us to implement, so we did it. This is more than a convenient option, it’s a unique feature to save up SPASIBO points for a large purchase together. It so happened that we’ve unlocked this feature to our loyalty program members right before the ‘gender’ holidays: now SPASIBO points can not only be saved and spent, but also gifted.”

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