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Kraken acquires Australian cryptocurrency excahnge Bit Trade

Source: Kraken

Australia is one of the fastest-growing crypto markets in the world, and today, Kraken is excited to announce that it has acquired its longest-running crypto service, Bit Trade.

With this acquisition, Kraken will focus on being the premier crypto service in Australia with the best AUD liquidity, trading experience, and support for both institutional and retail clients. It also deepens our overall presence in the APAC region, and further bolsters our industry-leading OTC trading operation, which acquired Circle Trade, one of the most recognized OTC desks in crypto last month.

Founded in 2013, Bit Trade quickly built a strong reputation for offering intuitive and sophisticated products without compromising security or regulatory compliance.

Our combined offering now includes:

A multi-exchange aggregator that combines several trading platforms into a single interface to ensure best price and execution for clients
One of the largest OTC desks in Australia, where clients can trade in large volumes without moving markets. (If you have any questions regarding Kraken’s OTC services you can contact us 24/7 at otc@kraken.com)

As part of the acquisition, we are pleased to welcome the entire Bit Trade team, led by Jonathon Miller, who will become Managing Director for Kraken in Australia.

More details will follow in the ensuing months, but for the time being, welcome and g’day to Jonathon and his team!

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