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Earnt It to launch salary drawdown scheme in February

Source: Earnt

The bi-weekly or monthly payday system is out of date in 2020.

Whilst we now have on-demand TV like Netflix, payroll is stuck in the past, to the detriment of millions of people in the UK who often resort to overdrafts, credit cards and payday loans to cover unexpected costs when they arise, simply because they cannot access the money they have already earned.

Earnt It offers an affordable and fair way for people to access the money they've earned in real time. Users can not only see what they have earned on a daily basis, they can access it when they need it most. There is no interest or penalties, just a small one-off platform fee which helps consumers avoid the pitfalls that come with bad high-interest credit products, e.g. teaser rates, unaffordable line increases, penalty charges, interest on interest.

The start up is currently testing its fair and affordable pay advance product. It is signing up ~20 users a day and has ~1k users on its waitlist, and is scheduled to launch to the public in February.

Earnt It was founded by Hasam Silva, who most recently held leadership positions at PayPal Inc., where he helped grow and expand the consumer and business lending unit PayPal Credit. Hasam left PayPal in October and returned to London to help millions of people in the UK get to a much better place financially. Hasam is a British Army Veteran having served in the Royal Corp of Signals and completing an operational tour of Afghanistan.

Hasam's long term vision for Earnt It is to build a suite of alternative fair and affordable financial products that complements someone's existing bank account.

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